Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I'm moving! And a lil bit farewell speech...

Hello everyone! How are you guys? Long time no see~
Happy belated new year for all of you! ^^

Please don't be surprised why you only see 1 post on this blog and why I deleted everything XD
Don't worry, I am and I'll always be a Rilakkuma fans! In fact this month is actually my first year anniversary since I made this blog! Wohoooo *throw confetti*

I realize I've neglect this blog so much, but I'm thankful that there are actually people who is still kind enough to visit my blog /tears of joy/ thank you soooo much!

On this post I'd like to inform all of you that I'll moving be to my main blog where I'll be posting my rilakkuma plushies there instead and basically it'll be my personal blog (so it's not will always be rilakkuma) --> click <--

And I'll be no longer using this blog anymore T.T

If you have tumblr you can follow me there if you want to :)
If you don't have tumblr it's okay, you can still comment on my post as I have installed disquscomment! :D
I have just posted my new rilakkuma hauls there, so check it out? XD

It has been a wonderful journey with this blog and I'll never forget Rilakkuma community!
Well.. I'm not going anywhere, I'm just moving my blog actually  lmao and I will still here around you guys!

Soooo I hope to see you there! See you! ^^